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Friday, 21 March 2014

YouTube SEO Tips or your Keyword ranking

We frequently not remember that YouTube is the 2nd  largest search engine in the world. Being a website that hosts videos, we are inclined to miss the information that a lot of people also use YouTube as a search engine to discover what they want and need. These are the niche looking people who like to consume the needed content in the form of quality video and are more often than not more qualified buyers and subscribers than the visitors from search engines.

  • Closed Captions in Youtuve Video
  • Adding the Speech Script in the Description
  • Create a More Engaging Video
  • Naming the Video File with perfect Keywords
  • Posting High Quality (HD) Videos Instead of SD

While watching your favorite YouTube videos you would have become aware of a button ‘CC’ in the bottom right corner. CC in YouTube stands for closed captions. YouTube is becoming worldwide now and videos created in any country are being watched and shared by people in any country in the world; Captions not only allow more people to munch through your video but YouTube also crawls the happy in the captions! 

If you are creating the script for the manual speech in video, then adding the same script in the video description of the video shouldn’t take much time. The Search Engine Giant Google indexes this as well.

Naming the video file is most important interms of SEO. If you are uploading a great video about the ’12 cup coffee maker reviews’ then the file name of your video should be something like ’12-cu- coffe- maker-reviews or something similar. MOV0134.AVI is not going to be meaningful to the enduser and search engines


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