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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Facebook Timeline can be used effectively to market your product, which helps you to reach the targeted customers. Here are some useful tips to make your product shine on new Facebook Timeline.

1.Create cover photo: Facebook Timeline has introduced a great feature called “cover photo” so make use of it to attract the users by adding a right image for your business and its image size should be (851 x 315 pixels), make sure that you have not include any purchase or contact information, calls to action, and references to Facebook site features such as “Like” or “Share”. It is better to use wider images than narrow.

2. Profile picture: The profile image represents your brand's identity and its image size can be (180×180 to 32×32 pixels), it should be clear and succinct, you may include your company website URL in this section.

3. Optimizing your apps: Custom tabs which have been aligned on the left side of the old version, will now appear at the top of the timeline. The image size is 111x74 pixels for applications, and you can use your pictures as often as you want to change. Fans can only see a dozen of applications at once, so if you're over 12 you may want your most important applications on the list (Facebook allows you to create up to 20 applications). The "likes" count and "Photos" app will not be removed effectively, you need to play only ten applications. Don't forget to maintain and update your applications, otherwise they could really let down your timeline. For example, if you have applications on surveys, contests, and videos on a regular basis, then add new polls, contests and videos.

4. Stars, Milestones and Pin Posts: Timeline has three new features like stars, milestones and pin posts that allows you to highlight important events in the history of your brand and shed light on important events or future content to make.


"Star" or highlight an important post on your brand (photos / events / etc) that you liked to be more prominently displayed. To star a post simply move the mouse over the post and click the star icon that appears. And the starred posts are featured over the entire width of the screen.Also make a note that milestones cannot be starred.


A milestone is a great event that is particularly relevant to your business, such as product launches, or any other important events for your brands growth and development. Don't forget to include the milestones for company start date and other important moments! You can take full advantage of this feature by adding photos & videos, personalize content to your industry, ask questions to prompt comments and engagement

Pin Posts:

Facebook Timeline permits you to pin a post to the top of your Timeline for 1 week at once. This can be a good way to heal your content and highlight important points so that they are “top of mind” (and Page!) for visitors. Be sure to take complete advantage of this tool by pinning major events and key posts, connecting them to your personalized TabSite where they can get complete information. When you run a sweepstakes or contest, pin a post that points to a certain stage of promotion, once again connect it to the custom tab to drive more visitors to it.

5. Messages:

Timeline offers the users or fans to send private and direct messages to brand pages, so this is a great opportunity to connect with your potential customers directly and ensure that the messages to be answered in a timely manner.

6. Reply to negative comments:

You might think that the negative feedback are harmful to your Facebook Timeline, but do not rush to remove them instead respond to the negative comments it will really make your brand more credible.

7.Post Frequency and timing:

Obviously if your fans likes you, they would like to hear more from you, so try to post regularly, if possible few times in a week and not more than that otherwise they might have think your posts as spam. Always remember it is very easy to “unlike” as it to “like” you. And the most important thing is posting time, because everyone wants their posts to be seen by their fans, for that you should aim when your fans will be available on Facebook, so schedule your posts based on the timings like 11am, 3pm, and in the evening, because people get home from work and school, so try this method to enhance your posts seen in your fans news streams

8. Engage with your fans:

Try to engage with your fans by asking questions, sharing photos, posting contest, polls, how- to -guides to make your content unique from others, this will help you to know your fans like and dislike, so you can post the content accordingly how they prefer. Also you can show your human nature by wishing them “Happy New year” or “Merry Christmas”, but stay on topic because your fans liked your brand so they would like to get more information on your brand only and they won't care what you had for lunch or dinner.

9.Don't spam with automated posts:

Try to avoid automated posts, because Facebook's algorithm to indicate only the relevant post which means your automated posts often won't make it into fans news stream, moreover a number of Facebook users do not use Twitter and won't encourage hash tags seen in the Facebook posts, so make sure you write separate posts for each of your social media areas rather than automating the feed to all.

Hope the above article will be helpful to market your product or brand in Facebook Timeline, if I missed any points please share it in the comments section, also would like to get your feedback....


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