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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Get ready for some high-tech home java preparing. And get ready to pay for it.

Denmark-based Scanomat has designed the TopBrewer, an app-controlled tap that dispenses java from fresh floor legumes. The built-in manufacturer allows customers personalize consume configurations — more or less coffee; the amount and type of dairy — and dispenses hot or dazzling h2o, gourmet coffee, macchiato, cappuccino, cappucino, sizzling or cool dairy, tea-temperature h2o and vapor for blanching vegetables.

It can produce a cup in 15 a few moments.

The program costs about $11,000. A edition that also makes fruit juices and allows a customer to choose between flavorful or decaffeinated java comes with a $19,000 price tag.

The nuHaus kitchen-design shop, at 120 W. Hubbard St. in Chicago, illinois, became the first U.S. store to get the manufacturer, and last week set up it in a town center client's property — the first U.S. property to have the device.

Its founder, Scanomat CEO Kim Vibe-Petersen, 63, said he came up with the concept for the java device through a discussion he had with an designer.

“He said, ‘I dislike all java makers. They are unpleasant,’’’ Vibe-Petersen said during a latest visit to the nuHaus shop. “I was thinking about that. I said, ‘Why do not you have a tap — a swan throat and cover up all the other things under the counter?’”

Vibe-Petersen said he distributed the concept with several individuals and got a freezing wedding celebration. “They all thought it was wrong,” he said. “They did not believe in it.”

Yet he started with growth, which he said took four years and cost almost $25 thousand.

“I made a lot of errors,” he said. “When you are creating something like that, you have to be ready to create some mistakes.”

Among the difficulties, he said, was “I had to create the globe's tiniest dairy frother. It had to fit in that wonderful swan throat. And we needed to get the water hose circulation for the dairy to create sure it’s just cool enough and gets to the cleaner that is just hot enough to create the perfect solidity of memory foam.”

He and his organization had been through such difficulties before. Scanomat’s website features that it released in 1985 the first completely automated cappuccino device, though Vibe-Petersen confesses he approved up a chance to own part of Nespresso: “I did not believe in the sunbeam coffee makers,” he said.

But $11,000 for a java maker?

“It’s for a very specific section — individuals buying cooking areas and who are in the market for a product that does not complete up a lot of space,” said organization venture administrator Frederik Vibe-Petersen, son of the CEO. “We think of it as more of a providing program.”


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